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Dear Friends,

In 2009, the international Krishnamurti Foundations came together to create a website dedicated to offering the teachings of J. Krishnamurti for free. This was a major decision as it meant compromising one of our main sources of financial income. Nevertheless, we understood the need to make Krishnamurti’s teachings as freely available as possible and hoped that people would support us in other ways. Support from donors is essential if we are to continue to make Krishnamurti’s teaching available through J. Krishnamurti Online.

We never imagined the wonderful impact and fast growth of the website. Now in 2011, almost 25,000 people connect every month to read texts or watch and listen to recordings. 5,000 people have subscribed to receive quotes every day in their email. The high level of gratitude which people have expressed was not anticipated and we have been especially glad to hear from people living in areas where it is very difficult to find any Krishnamurti materials at all, even books.

It is necessary to carry on what we are doing. We need to do a lot more, improving the website whilst still maintaining the simplicity and clarity, and keeping it free from advertisements. We need to continue translating the site into different languages, to add new study facilities and to develop a new digital shop providing low-priced, high-quality downloads which are compatible with mobile devices. We need to keep adding new content, which means the Foundations must carry on producing new digital audio and video.

It costs money to do all this and we need people to make donations. Almost 300,000 people visit the site every year, so a donation of just $1 from many visitors would be sufficient. The Foundations are not-for-profit charities, run by people on modest incomes, and the money we receive goes directly into the work. Please contribute whatever you can easily afford and we will continue to bring the teachings of J. Krishnamurti to as wide an audience as possible. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

The Krishnamurti Foundations